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The name Ash & Lacy has been synonymous with product innovation and high standards of engineering for over 140 years especially in the field of and automotive parts. Established in 1857, Ash & Lacy has grown into a company with a group annual turnover in excess of £50 million, now employing over 350 staff across 8 office locations in the UK, and an operational facility based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Ash & Lacy Automotive specialise in producing automotive parts such as mesh and grille components for the transportation and aerospace industry.  The company produces a wide range of automotive parts including speaker grilles, ventilation mesh and pure design features that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the project. We fully appreciate that in this industry, a mesh can be used for shielding, ornamental or functional reasons. Ash & Lacy have extensive experience designing and manufacturing automotive parts from perforated and expanded mesh as well as perforated and expanded metal. We are geared up for both prototyping and high volume production.

Our client locations

Our Products

Manufacturing premium quality perforated and formed products that are designed, engineered, coated and assembled specifically to meet the exacting standards of the global automotive industry.

We provide a full range of speaker grilles from bases to tweeters

Our perforating, expanding, and forming capabilities allow us to produce engine covers and air intake grilles over the exterior of the car.

Interior or exterior, from seatbelt components to microphone covers.

Your desired finish is the icing on the cake. We can provide a spectrum of colours and finishes from our newly installed Olympian 1000 series paint plant, fit for high capacity

In-House Services

Providing our clients with full service solutions that encompass our wide range of process capabilities and specialist manufacturing techniques.

Our CNC operated punch presses use a tool and die containing punches to stamp out a series of holes, producing your required perforated pattern.

Our dedicated, purpose-built expanded metal machines simultaneously slit and stretch longitudinally.

A selection of our dynamic machines can be strip, individually blank or coil fed.

Having our very own tooling manufacturer and using machines such as CNC milling, drilling and wire eroding apparatuses, we enjoy total control over the design and production it brings us.

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