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By virtue of our high calibre and premium product focus, we heavily value our commitment to quality. As operating under approved suppliers to Rolls Royce Aerospace, our attitude to this carries through Ash & Lacy Automotive. We have recently implemented the Aerospace standard AS9100 for quality management systems.

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Quality Control

At Ash & Lacy Automotive we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality control. Through obtaining various accreditations, attitudes and apparatus we can ensure these standards are met. Systems in place such as a CAD Inspect-3D measuring software supported Miscrobe MX scrutinise our product dimensions in accordance to the CAD drawings. Using this, we can make design adjustments as necessary.

Colour matching is also a common request in the automotive industry. to accomodate this requirement, our colour matching testing cabinet enables an identical comparison. Further to this, our Elcometer thickness gauge ensures a correct and constant paint thickness which we then follow with paint adhesion testing.