Our CNC operated punch presses use a tool and die containing punches to stamp out a series of holes, producing your required perforated metal pattern.

Our large range of differently shaped and sized punches allows you to create a unique perforated metal arrangement. The coil fed presses with dedicated levelling machines have the ability to perforate across the whole sheet, making this the most efficient production method.


Hole sizes

Using the perforating method, the smallest hole size we can produce is just 0.8mm. However, if an e-coat is required, we recommend going up to 1.2mm, to prevent the perforated metal holes filling with the paint.


  • Stainless steel
  • Mild steel
  • Pre-galvanised steel
  • Zintec
  • Aluminium
  • Coated and composite materials
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Free Area Configurator

The size of the holes and the spacing between them influence the free area. This affects the acoustic performance, visual aspect and rigidity of the perforated metal. The configurator aids the process of the free area selection in conjunction with your desired shape size and bridge gap.


Did you know that it is possible to use perforated metal to create amazing art? Our latest computer CAD software and 3D modelling allows us to turn an image into perforated representations. Through the software's light and dark detection system, a perforated image can be generated solely using different sized holes. From a simple logo design pattern to Michelangelo's work, we can turn a standard grille into a piece of art.

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Providing our clients with full service solutions that encompass our wide range of process capabilities and specialist manufacturing techniques.

Our CNC operated punch presses use a tool and die containing punches to stamp out a series of holes, producing your required perforated pattern.

Our dedicated, purpose-built expanded metal machines simultaneously slit and stretch longitudinally.

A selection of our dynamic machines can be strip, individually blank or coil fed.

Having our very own tooling manufacturer and using machines such as CNC milling, drilling and wire eroding apparatuses, we enjoy total control over the design and production it brings us.

Our in-house metal photochemical etching line can realise intricate designs faster and more efficiently than ever.

Our extensive in-house capabilities allow us to offer bespoke prototype solutions.

We are perfectly equipped for efficient high-volume production speeds up timescales, reducing piece price and also waste.

From efficiency and cost effective, to unique premium and branded options, we offer a wide range of coatings and processes to best fit the application, vision, and style.