Chemical photo etching uses a combination of photographic digital tooling and chemical processes to turn your design into a reality.

This unparalleled process enables exceptionally fine detail and accurate elimination on an extensive range of metals. Double sided etching will produce apertures through the material, whilst single sided etching allows us to etch images, logos or any form of detailing. No other method can produce stress and burr free parts.

Prototypes and samples are produced speedily via this process. This allows your design to be assessed for fit and function, where alterations come at minimal costs allowing for optimum product development.

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Photo Etched

Our Products

Manufacturing premium quality perforated and formed products that are designed, engineered, coated and assembled specifically to meet the exacting standards of the global automotive industry.

We provide a full range of speaker grilles from bases to tweeters

Our perforating, expanding, and forming capabilities allow us to produce engine covers and air intake grilles over the exterior of the car.

Interior or exterior, from seatbelt components to microphone covers.

Your desired finish is the icing on the cake. We can provide a spectrum of colours and finishes from our newly installed Olympian 1000 series paint plant, fit for high capacity