Jaguar SUV Photo Etching Ash and Lacy
Photo Etching Jaguar Land Rover - Ash & Lacy


Model: Jaguar X260 X761 – Photo Etching

We are proud of our proven track record manufacturing automotive components for British car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover and more recently having the opportunity to contribute to the product development process for one of their latest interior ‘facelift’ projects.

The fresh interior of the new x260 and x761 models called for a subtle but luxurious approach to design. With all visible components integrated seamlessly within the front and rear consoles, there is a clear intent to strike a delicate balance between a spacious, relaxing and technology-rich driving experience.


The development of an entirely unique speaker grille design featuring photo etching was required to control the side action of fitment tabs. Due to the hardness of the specified stainless-steel material, conventional tooling could not guarantee repeatability of the angle and tab position, so our solution was developed specifically to suit our client and individual model of car.

Using the latest photo etching techniques, a half etch was added to the ‘b’ surface of the grille, carefully positioned to weaken the tab, and improve the overall bending radius of the tab during the side action process.

Photo etching was utilised to address other practical challenges too. A half etch was also added to the surface to help with the “double bend” of the tab during the side action process. The resulting benefits were truly realised once the assembled parts could be seen fitted into place and working in perfect harmony with other complimentary design features.

In order to meet additional client requirements, 2 toy tabs were developed and also half etched on the b surface to fully secure a scrim to the ‘b’ surface. For this project, photo etching was selected in lieu of more traditional methods using glues, resulting in increased efficiency and speed during production.

Photo Etching Interior Jaguar Land Rover - Ash & Lacy