McLaren Tweeter Pod

In 2016, McLaren engaged with Ash & Lacy to present the challenge of manufacturing a tweeter grille. This tweeter grille however was unlike most. A pod shape design meant the need for sufficient open area to allow for optimum audio output, whilst being structurally robust enough to prevent the material from splitting.

To achieve the required free area, the pod’s framework would become weaker through eliminating material. This would prove issues when forming as the pressures distributed onto the blank could result in material splitting. Here, the relationship between the pod design and perforation pattern was critical to gain a better understanding of how to prevent this. Therefore, extensive development on pressures and weight was undertaken.

Our conclusions found that by increasing the number and coverage of the perforations, this deflected pressure away from the front of the grille where the extreme forming was done. This resulted in no splitting and our precision manufacturing ensured that the quality of sound was consistent around all areas of the pod