What we can offer you as mesh parts does not stop at grilles and ventilation. Interior or exterior, from seatbelt components to microphone covers, if the part requires holes we can provide our best mesh parts solution for you given our highly accurate perforating, etching and expanding capabilities.


Ash & Lacy are specialists in the production of mesh parts for the automotive industry.  We offer a wide variety of mesh parts for the automotive sector, including those used in the manufacturing process.  All of our components are created to the highest standard and specifications and can be used by any industry requiring premium manufacturing standards at affordable prices.


We understand that the automotive and aerospace industries are under pressure to reduce component weight.  We focus our experience and commitment to finding new solutions and innovative products that benefit our clients.  We have a comprehensive portfolio of mesh production equipment suitable for almost any challenge.

Our Products

Manufacturing premium quality perforated and formed products that are designed, engineered, coated and assembled specifically to meet the exacting standards of the global automotive industry.

We provide a full range of speaker grilles from bases to tweeters

Our perforating, expanding, and forming capabilities allow us to produce engine covers and air intake grilles over the exterior of the car.

Interior or exterior, from seatbelt components to microphone covers.

Your desired finish is the icing on the cake. We can provide a spectrum of colours and finishes from our newly installed Olympian 1000 series paint plant, fit for high capacity