Prototype Contribution

Undertaking the prototyping phase of programmes allows us to carry forward design efficiencies and tweaks into production. Additionally, in most cases we are able to reduce production tooling costs due to their development in the prototype tooling. We are then in the optimum position as a supplier to continue our service and begin the full build of parts for our customer.


We are perfectly equipped for efficient high-volume production. Our processes such as high-speed blanking off coil sheet significantly speeds up production, reducing piece price and also waste. We can easily create economies of scale with increased batch sizes from the raw material to delivery.


Ash & Lacy are currently undergoing significant sight refurbishment and expansion. Automotive has resultantly increased from 605m2 to 1315m2 and have used the opportunity to create a newly designed, more efficient layout for speed and reduced handling. Automotive’s additional investments such as a second new wet paint booth and a x3 double-chamber photo etching line importantly contribute to increased efficiencies and capacity for high-volume work. We take pride in what will be an excelling mass production facility for serial production.


Our well-established logistics network is designed to meet the demands for frequent high-volume deliveries into Europe as well as the UK. We are conscious and put great efforts into delivering in the most efficient way as possible and of course, always to schedule.

Our Products

Manufacturing premium quality perforated and formed products that are designed, engineered, coated and assembled specifically to meet the exacting standards of the global automotive industry.

We provide a full range of speaker grilles from bases to tweeters

Our perforating, expanding, and forming capabilities allow us to produce engine covers and air intake grilles over the exterior of the car.

Interior or exterior, from seatbelt components to microphone covers.

Your desired finish is the icing on the cake. We can provide a spectrum of colours and finishes from our newly installed Olympian 1000 series paint plant, fit for high capacity